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snap creative is a one-stop video productions house providing full  video & creative services for commercial customers. 

We collaborate with large brands, Hi-Tech companies, and public organizations, producing them full high-end marketing & advertising content. Our expertise in conceptualization makes our workflow smooth as we provide the complete creative production package from A to Z.



We provide comprehensive  video solutions, including concept , scriptwriting, shooting productions, video editing, motion graphics, 2d animations, sound, and voice-over recordings.  

Delivering complete creative packages to organizations, we’re able to answer diverse branding needs and implement the final product across all marketing mediums. We offer marketing planning and strategic, long-term thinking. 

Our ONE-STOP-STUDIO produces commercial & instructional videos, social media campaigns, branding, and print - all under one roof.

Our work interfaces with all major marketing platforms and social networks.

We produce advertising & promotional videos,

creative campaigns for social media, digital & broadcast media, 

visual content for exhibitions & company events. 

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סטודיו סנאפ קריאטיב נינג׳ה עדי גימפל

Our clients love the concept

of receiving comprehensive creative

 solutions all in one place.


A professional creative house that can generate

long-term marketing strategies

as well as implement the products across

all of the contemporary media platforms.


Adi Gimpel 

Owner at snap

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